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Donate To The Department Of Parks And Recreation

#ThinkOutsideTheHouse – Find Us on Intsagram

Connect with our parks on Instagram @stancountyparks. Use the hashtag #ThinkOutsideTheHouse and we might feature your photos on our social media pages!

Or, Send Us Your Favorite Snapshots!

Next time you are enjoying the open spaces of our parks or off-highway vehicle locations – send us a snapshot. We want to see our parks through your eyes. Send photos to

(Disclaimer: All photos submitted will become the property of Stanislaus County. By sending us your photos, you give us the consent to publish them on our website or share them with County staff, members of the public for educational, public relations, advertising, charitable or other purposes; furthermore, you waive any right to compensation for these uses and hold Stanislaus County harmless from and against any claim for injury or compensation resulting from the use authorized by this agreement.)

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